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Standard Fee of Tenant Charges

Move home would like you to be aware of the circumstances where you may incur a fee or charge in relation to a tenancy arranged through us, including during the application process. This tariff details the current fees and charges, which include VAT at 20%. The fees and charges shown are payable and will be invoiced by us.

This documents does not contain details of sums which may be payable to a landlord under a tenancy agreement. You must refer to the terms of the tenancy agreement for this information. It also does not contain details of other costs associated with renting a property, such as gas, electricity, water, telephone, TV licences, council Tax and contents insurance. These will all be your responsibility, however not your landlords.

We reserve the right to amend the fees and charges in this tariff to reflect charges in our operating costs. Where you have signed the information and terms & Conditions form no fees and charges in any amended Tariff will affect you unless the amendments as expressly permitted by that form and have been notified to you.

Name of fee Description Amount
Individual Tenant Fee To cover the cost preliminary paperwork and a professional tenant referencing service providing a reference on a potential individual tenant. If the tenancy proceeds, payment is due at the payment of deposit and first instalment of rent. Not payable if the tenancy does not proceed. Note: The fee is per tenant to be named on the tenancy agreement- e.g. two named tenants=two fees. £175.00 (in VAT)
Tenancy Agreement Fee Payment is due at the time of payment of deposit and first instalment of rent. Note the figure shown is the tenant’s usual contribution to the total cost of drawing up the tenancy agreement and assumes the landlord is using Move Home to prepare the tenancy agreement. The fee may vary in other circumstances. £50.00(in VAT)
Change of Tenant Fee Payable to cover the drawing up of a new tenancy agreement or deed of assignment should one tenant in a shared property be replaced by another tenant (with the consent of landlord). Payment is due before the new tenancy agreement or deed of assignment is signed by the landlord. £150 (in VAT)

Move Home is a member of the Property Ombudsman (TPO), which provides a fee, Impartial and independent service the resolution of disputes between consumers and property agents. We follow TPO’s Codes of practice, which set the standard expected from property professionals.

TPO’s Codes of Practices can be found on their website www.tps.co.uk or can be requested directly from us. TPO’s services free of charges to consumers.

We are a member of the Client Money Protection (CMP).